Besides what we know as conventional advertising for print, this section also contains examples of banner ad designs for websites.



Advertisement design

Rode's Property Valuation Services

Example of advertisement design

Rode Valuations – a division of Bellville-based Rode & Associates – needed to advertise their property valuation services to potential top notch clients – Rode is possibly the largest valuation company in South Africa.

For this advertisement design, we went for the slick, white space look, so as not be confused with valuation services aimed at smaller entities, which would typically have a more cluttered look.

The large icon of the buildings was vector-illustrated by Konrad himself. For vector drawings and other types of illustration, go to Konrad's cartoon and illustration website.

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Banner ad design for websites

Colliers International (South Africa)

Example of web banner design

Sanett Uys of Colliers's marketing department, approached Konrad for the design of a series of classy banners for use on Colliers International's South African website. Konrad was particularly pleased about the result, having been more or less freed from their design guidelines for this one. The ads were static (i.e. not animated), but a script was used to revolve the banners.

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Advertisement design

Op Africa Orthopaedics

Example of advertisement design

Le Roux Viljoen – previously of Medis Medical – started up this new company in a similar field. Orthopaedics became a passion for him after his mother suffered from the effects of diabetes.

OP Africa also became an official Össur distributor, giving them much recognition.

The feel was modern and trendy, giving orthopaedics a refreshing image.

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What our clients say:


Thabo Matime
General manager, New Product Development, Netcare

"Konrad, wow!!!! I’m blown away. Thank you so much. I’ve always wanted this. I really love it."


Pieter De Waal
Sole proprietor, Hermit on the Hill wines

"A stickler for detail, Konrad appreciates the difference between good and great, and won't stop tweaking till the end-product meets his exacting standards.

"His offbeat sense of humour, coupled with his ability to transform this into his designs, makes it a pleasure to brainstorm new concepts with him.

"Konrad has been a key member in developing my brand, and I always look to him for inspiration and creativity."


Tania de Maine-Oosthuizen:
Manager, Tharagay Addictions Services

"We love his work, from initial ideas to final designs! What he has done for us, was simple, yet elegant, and purely beautiful".


Zeki Hilmi
Sole proprietor, Chelsea Village Framers and Antique Shoppe

"Konrad has this exceptional ability to develop illustrations.

"We were so thrilled by the work he undertook for us that we employed Konrad to design our wedding invitation, which, through collaboration and Konrad's outstanding knowledge of graphic design, he designed for us exactly what we were looking for. All our guests commented and said, "what an amazing wedding invitation!"

"I recommend Konrad to everybody and will use him in the future again."


Sanett Uys
Marketing manager, Colliers International

"The work Konrad did for us has been outstanding! His customer service is great and his creativity exceptional. He is willing to think out of the box and come up with new ideas, which we love."


Lynette Smit
Marketing manager, Rode & Associates

"A creative genius..."


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